What goes around comes around

Happy Sunday everyone! 

Today, I wanted to talk about water pollution. 

I see a lot of people concerned about the quality of the water they drink. But I wonder if these same people are as concerned about the cleaning products they use and on a broader scale their consumption habits that can impact the water.
Let’s approach the problem the right way and begin reducing our ecological impact of the water, shall we? What are the means to act available to us as individuals?
Two habits you can adopt right now that are not to make a dramatic change in your life: 

  • Detergents:
The best way to achieve that is to use cleaning products that are at least biodegradable – all cleaning products, from washing-up liquid and floor cleaning to your body wash and your shampoo. 
I personally use a biodegradable washing-up liquid. I wash my hand with that same liquid before cooking. I don’t need extra hand soap. 
I do less laundry in the week, I wait until there is a sufficient amount of clothes. And I rotate with homemade laundry detergent – to give a break to our washing machine as the homemade laundry is thicker, it can clog the pipes.  
I got rid of many household detergent products and replaced them by white vinegar and bicarbonate of sodium. I also have a steam cleaner. 
While I go 100% organic in France, here in Mexico it becomes very expensive on a daily use. Beside, some brands falsely claim to be eco-friendly whereas it is pure greenwashing practice. I will not name them; it is time for us to educate ourselves and become active consumer instead of simply gobbling up ad messages.
I found a decent compromise in the Tree Hut brand for the body wash. The coconut lime body wash “only” contains two ingredients that are best to be avoided on children, the propylene glycol that is an allergen and the phenoxyethanol that is hematotoxic (toxic for the blood) and hepatotoxic (toxic for the liver). It is available at Walmart and City Market for what I know. And a little bit goes a long way as it is very thick. 
I use the manuka honey and mafura oil shampoo from Shea moisture. It does not contain any harsh ingredients. Their products are available at Farmacia Ahorro  (for sure) and Farmacia Benavides (not so sure). Gosh I just wish they could come up with less fragrant products. It is strongly scented and I had to give a hair mask to a friend as I just could not bear the smell of it.  

  • Medication: 
Do you know that the pharmaceutical drugs we take pollute the water as well? The contraceptive pills, the antibiotics, you discharge them all into the water when you go to the loo!
I strongly believe we are subjected to overmedicalisation. We just have to look at the insane amount of drugs doctors prescribe. Last year, I went through the extraction of two wisdom teeth. I came home with antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory treatment, and some painkiller. Of course, each and every case is different. In my case, I could cope with the small pain without painkiller and decided not to take any.
I stopped the contraceptive pills and feel great with the copper IUD.
Why water pollution should be your main concern?
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And guess what? What we discard into the water, we find them back right into our plate. Water pollution affects all organisms that live in the water bodies or have been exposed to the contaminated water.
After all, what goes around comes around, right?
Any thought?