My layering skincare routine – evening and morning

Hi everyone, 
Sorry for the long absence. I was busy working on a new project. Some of you may know it 😉 
When the hormones kicked in my body, I suffered irregular periods and most of the time they were hemorrhagic. So I went to see the gynecologist and she put me on contraceptive pills for many years. I never questioned the possible harm these pills would cause to our body. I trusted my doctor – so did we all I think. The feeling of diffidence vis-à-vis the medical body was not as palpable as of today. 
I was regular and very diligent in taking my 21 pills every month for many years. I will not lie; it helped in so many ways. I didn’t need to think about getting pregnant. My ‘periods’ were regular as clockwork. And I got rid of that teenage acne. I had no skincare regiment whatsoever and yet I had no pimples on my face. 
Things started going bad when I opted for the implant, as I could not keep a schedule with two little ones. My periods played hide and seek with me. My face started to break out – not severely but enough to affect my self-confidence. I thought it might have been caused by a lack of skincare routine. So I spent some money at my local Sephora. It did not improve as I hoped. 
In the meantime, I learned more about all the side effects of contraceptive methods. It was nearly the time to remove the implant so I opted for the copper IUD. Gosh, I felt the change almost immediately as I got PMS (premenstrual syndrome) like irritability, cramping, backache and so on. I forgot all about these and did not miss them at all.
But you know what, I could cope with that. What was the most difficult to take – on the other hand – was that I became a teenager again. It was spring on my face – no matter the season! 
It was out of the question to get back on contraceptive pills. So I took two resolutions, a change in my diet and a skincare routine I must stick to EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I tested and tried many brands. I came to the conclusion that my skin is a bitch. While I developed a severe addiction to skincare products, my skin does simply not want to collaborate. It breaks out if the product contains silicone or harm preservative. For example, I recently introduced a vitamin C serum from a very good French cosmetic brand called Novexpert to brighten my complexion and diminish some hyperpigmentation. Hell, my face broke out like crazy 😥 
I stopped applying it and in a week time, no more break out. I did not give up in searching a vitamin C serum but I will give my skin a break – to not break out.
I am going to share with you what helps me to keep the pimples at bay and how to reduce the sebum production. I have a combination skin, dry on the jaws and oily on the T zone.  
1. Double cleansing: no matter if I wear makeup or not
I remove any residue of makeup and/or impurity from the pollution with ½ tsp of vegetable oil. My favourite is the coconut oil. It has to smell the coconut – if not, it has been processed and lost most of its properties.
I like this brand as it is organic, no GMO and was cold pressed.
I massage it all over my face and insist – but always gently – on my eyes and my lips if I wore mascara and lipstick that day.
Then I remove the excess oil with a damp cloth – usually the one from the evening before.
I wet my Clarisonic brush and I rub it on my soap bar from Savon Stories I am currently using the Summer Edition made with Cambrian Blue Clay. It is the second soap bar I use from this brand. Their soap bars smell divinely and are so gentle on my skin. I want to try them ALLLLLLLLLL
I use it only in the evening and one soap bar lasts around 6 months – so economical!
Then I rinse my face well with lukewarm (yes lukewarm, not cold, not hot)water.
I pat dry my face with a CLEAN cloth. You do not want to use a dirty towel on your clean face. 

I bought two packs of these washcloths from Ikea so I have enough to rotate.
2. Rebalancing the pH level:
I immediately spray some floral water – I am currently using the hamamelis one for its astringent and purifying properties. Cleansing our skin will unbalance its pH level, that is why we need to add a toner like a floral water to bring back some acidity

3. Serum:
I personally use Nigella – black cumin seed oil as a serum. 3 to 4 drops are enough for my entire face. I massage it on my skin that is wet with the floral water. The floral water helps the oil to penetrate deeper into your skin, which increases the hydrating and moisturizing effect of both products. I gently massage my face until I feel there is almost no product on the surface of my skin.

4. Hydration:
I wait two minutes – I do something else or I just listen to a podcast or some music. Then I apply the equivalent of a dry chickpea amount of aloe vera gel. 

I use the Pur Aloe gel and before it starts to tighten my skin, I apply a small pump of my night face cream from Natura Siberica – it is discontinued snifff

5. Eye area:
No skincare routine is complete without any eye cream. And because I want to make sure my eye area got that extra boost of hydration and moisturiser, I apply the eye cream and then massage in a tiny amount of argan oil from Melchior & Balthazar roll-on

1. Gentle wash:
I wash my face with a very gentle cleansing gel from Lavera (available at City Market and The Green Corner) using only my hands. I don’t insist much, it is only to remove the excess of sebum from the night. My skin was washed the evening before and is clean 

2. Rebalancing the pH level:
I pat dry my face with a CLEAN cloth and I immediately spray some floral water. 
3. Serum:
Then I apply two drops of the clarifying day oil from Dr Hauschka on my wet face.

4. Hydration:
Like in the evening, I wait two minutes and then I apply the same amount of aloe vera gel on my face and follow with my day cream. I have two favourites; the Melissa day Cream from Dr Hauschka and the Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream from Pai Skincare

5. Eye area:
I finish my routine with some eye cream
6. Sunscreen:
And if I don’t forget – I forget very often – I apply some sunscreen. I use the SPF30 sunscreen spray from Laboratoires de Biarritz. NO kidding, it is really important to protect your skin from the damages of the sun. I should be more diligent

It seems a lot but honestly, it does not exceed 10 minutes with the waiting time. And I did not mention the face massage when I don’t forget… I will come up soon – or not with a post on face massage and what are the benefits I observed. 
Stay tuned!