DIY – 2018 Advent Calendar

Hello everyone,
I appreciate it’s been ages since my last post.
I have been indeed very busy with a project that needed all my time. Now that I am done, I am back to this blog.
Today’s post is on a DIY project, our 2018 Advent Calendar.
The Christmas tree was purchased at Fantasias Miguel and painted by 2 tiny pairs of hands
I like the idea of surprising my little ones. That explains why I don’t buy the chocolate advent calendars. I like to mix chocolate with something more personal like little jewellery, hair accessories. And this year, I innovated with some quotes and cloth patch stickers. I personally think that it increases the element of surprise.
The cloth patch stickers were bought at H&M
The labels are from Ikea -quote translated from a French book I am currently reading
The frame stickers are from Walmart 
It’s nothing much complicated, it takes, however, some time to cut, score and paste. Note that it took me only a day to do it, with some help of my little ones who painted the Christmas tree and cut the 24 numbers. Here is the result:
Very proud of the result
So if you feel like doing your own, you will need the following things:
  • a pair of scissors
  • a cutting mat
  • a craft knife
  • a ruler
  • a caliper
  • a pencil
  • a scoring board
  • some double-sided tape
  • some A4 colour paper – I chose the colour of the Mexican flag that remains in the Christmas theme
  • some toilet paper rolls
  • some wrapping paper
  • some ribbon 
First thing first, you’ll need to prepare templates for the triangle boxes that remind of the Christmas trees. Each triangle is made of an equilateral triangle that serves as the bottom part and 3 isosceles triangles to form the three panels of the triangle. As you can see I used 3 sizes to add some dimension. Here are the sizes:
  • a triangle with the two long sides of 15.5 cm and the short side of 7 cm
  • a triangle with the two long sides of 15 cm and the short side of 7.5 cm
  • a triangle with the two long sides of 10 cm and the short side of 7 cm 
Trace an equilateral triangle to begin with. Then trace the isosceles triangles. And finally the tuck-in flaps of 7mm width; two on each side of the bottom triangle and one on a long side as per the photo. I recommend using double-sided tape to flap in the edges as it will save you drying time and the result is much smoother than with glue.

Using the template and a pencil, lightly trace the triangles on the colour paper of your choice and then cut it out using a ruler and a craft knife. This part takes like ages – yes sorry… I tried to shortcut using a trimming board, but honestly, it’s not precise enough so chances to cut what shouldn’t be cut are pretty high.
The Daim candies are from Ikea
You can reward yourself with some treats while you feel the boxes in…
I had six toilet paper rolls that I made use of to wrap big items such as large cloth patch stickers. I always keep them as they are staples in manual activities with children. I simply fill them in and wrap them like a candy.

Finally, my little one and I cut the numbers and pasted them. I found the numbers online; I simply typed ‘advent calendar printable’. There are plenty of them, each more beautiful than the next. For the sake of your sanity, I recommend you to stick to the circle as it is much easier to cut. Avoid any nice design that has bow ties going out of the lines! I completely forgot to save the webpage where I found the printable I used but you can easily google some free printable. 

It took me around 3 hours to make it. 

Happy DIY.