Go silicone free with your serum

You probably got it, I’d rather choose organic, all natural when it comes to my skin care products.


Because here are the damages…
  • combination skin: oily on my T zone, dry patches on the jaws
  • blemishes prone
  • black heads
  • large pores

Thanks mother nature, you have been too generous with me ❤

And also because I don’t want to use conventional products that contain too many nasty chemicals that pollute the water. Silicone is one of the ingredients I try to avoid as little contact as possible with. I banned it from my shampoos, my creams etc. with the exception of the sunscreen. We use organic sunscreen on a daily basis but when we are on holidays in a warm and sunny place, I’d go with a silicone-based sunscreen. The silicone creates a barrier on your skin to last the protection. Yes, I know chemical filters are very toxic and highly pollutant. Well, organic sunscreens are not efficient and resistant enough when you are in the pool so choosing between the plague and cholera …

I am fully aware that not everyone is offered many choices or can afford buying only organic skin care – though you have high end conventional products that cost arms and legs and probably a life-time mortgage. 

So I’d like to recommend you to ban the silicone at least from your cleanser, your toner and your serum. After that third step, you can apply a full coat of Vaseline for all I care (of course not, I do care but you have no idea nonsenses people can say like a paediatrician recommending my friend to apply Vaseline on her baby’s bottom for a light rash).

Here is the reason why.

Like I said above, the silicone creates a film on your skin. It prevents the water from your skin to evaporate too quickly. That also means, it prevents the active ingredients of your skin care to penetrate your skin.

So why bother buying expensive serum if it contains silicones? A serum is an intensive treatment that is full of active ingredients, which combined with silicone, will not penetrate your skin. So go silicone free to maximise the benefits a serum can offer. Your day- or night-time cream containing silicone can actually seal your skin care routine.

I am not saying silicone is good, ok? I personally don’t want silicone in my face cream. In addition to pollute the water, silicone can clog pores. My skin can easily break out. But if have a more cooperative skin and you have no other choice but a cream that contains silicone, I’d just want to put your mind at rest, silicone at that step is not as bad – as long as you wash your face properly at the end of your day. 

Leave me a comment below if you’d like to learn about my entire skin care routine. 

Have a nice day