The proper way to use essential oils

I have seen many posts of ladies recommending essential oils to other ladies for their children and even babies. I am not saying all essential oils are dangerous; it happens some may be used on young children. BUT you should book an appointment with a naturopathic doctor before you use any on your child. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?
I am writing this post because last month a friend of mine had lower abdominal pain. One of her friend who sells living young essential oils sold her some and told her to prepare an infusion of blended essential oils to drink. Insane recommendation and you’ll know why in a second. My friend ended up with a haemorrhage that stopped as soon as she stopped drinking the infusion and ended up going to her doctor.
This increasing trend is worrying me because obviously there is a lack of information on how to use essential oils. To my opinion, any reseller should be properly trained on the dos and don’ts of essential oils beforehand. It’s a matter of health issue, not their business growth. 
– My baby of 5 months is teething, help!!!
– I recommend you essential oils. It happens I sell doTERRA essential oils
– My child is coughing badly, I don’t want to go to the doctor who will prescribe antibiotics
– Essential oils! My friend is selling, pm me if you want her contact information
Thanks Homer, this is exactly how I react when I see this kind of comment

Hello!!! In France, essential oils are considered as valid form of medicine. You should use them with care!
So today, I am sharing what I learnt throughout the last couple of years:
  • Essential oils should be tested for possible allergy; a drop on the inside of your elbow and wait for 48H
  • Essential oils are NOT soluble in water or vinegar. Ever prepared homemade vinaigrette with only olive oil and vinegar?
  • Essential oils can be internally taken BUT diluted and only for above 7 years-old children and adults; 1 drop or 2 maximum on a lump of sugar, with a teaspoon of honey or even better a teaspoon of olive oil because less harsh as essential oils are only miscible with oil.  
  • Essential oils can be locally applied undiluted; 1 drop of tea tree essential oil on a Qtip and then on the pimple.
  • Essential oils should be diluted in a vegetable oil for a large skin surface; 2% for a facial application, 5% for the body. 
  • 1ml of essential oil 35 drops, the number of drops depends on the bottle’s codigoutte.
  • Essential oils in a diffuser is only for 10 minutes, 30 minutes before bedtime otherwise they can saturate the air of the room that can results in an irritation of the mucous membranes of respiratory tract.
  • Essential oils are NOT recommended to use around your eyes as the skin at this area is much thiner.
  • Essential oils are forbidden for pregnant women of less than 3 months and babies.
  • Essential oils are not recommended for young children under 3 and people with a severe illness, only upon medical advice. 

Essential oils are amazing when used with care. You can get instant result but used the wrong way, they are extremely irritating, sensitizer and are potentially toxic. Natural products extracted from plants does not mean harmless. 

If I didn’t scare you away after that, come back next week for the must-have essential oils to have in your pharmacy box and how to use them for various needs J