Christmas gift ideas for a friend

We are invited for a pre-christmas lunch at a friend’s place. She gathered her favourite persons – I am part of the favourites
Obviously, it is out of question for me to go empty-handed.
Christmas is my favourite period in the year. 

For many reasons: 
  • You spend more time in family, of course it’s a holiday!
  • You eat a tone of good food, I live for food
  • Gifts, gifts, gifts
But I am more the kind of person who likes to offer than receive. It gives me so much joy to look for the perfect present that would provide a smile of the person’s face.
This year, I decided to give homemade presents. I personally think, you don’t need to go to a store and buy an expensive item. The perfect gift for me is something you will actually use and will think about me when you use it.
The target:mum of two who likes to eat
Ideas:something to please the palate and something to help her to relax
So I came with:
A chocolate chips cookie jar.
I filled the jar with the flour, the sugars – there are two kinds, the pinch of salt, the baking soda and the chocolate chips. She just needs to add a softened butter and a large egg.
I wrote the instructions on a paper and tied it on the jar’s lid with some ribbons.

 An homemade lavender bath salt.
I mixed 1 cup of lavender Epsom salt with few drops of lavender essential oil, a teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt and a little bit of melted coconut oil.

I hope she will like the ideas and maybe you will like it too.
Leave a comment – don’t be shy – if you want to share you DIY gifts