My hair routine

I am feeling very productive this week J

Today, you will learn how I wash my hair. How interesting isn’t it? #racontetavie
I adopted my low poo routine about a year and a half ago. Before that, I never really cared about them. Thanks to my Asian roots, my hair required low maintenance. I washed them when needed and that was pretty it. Barely used any hair dryer and even less a flat iron.
But my hair couldn’t cope with the weather of our new host country. They started to get oily on my second day of shampoo and I would see brittle and split ends. And my scalp was terribly itchy. Some days, I couldn’t even sleep.
So I told myself: Lu, le changement c’est maintenant!
I first got rid off my then favourite shampoo from a famous French brand that starts with an O and finishes with an –e. I bought an organic Shampoo from John Masters Organics. Quite pricey but at that time, I would even sell one of my children to stop the itchiness.
Then I learned how to take care of my hair, giving them some love. I started to make hair mask and use a lotion etc.
It took few months but today I went from a shampoo every two days to four! It’s very encouraging.
Ok this is enough chitchat.
Here is what I do when I wash them. Be aware, it’s my entire hair routine so it takes a couple of hours.
First thing first, you have to make sure you don’t have any appointment scheduled within the next two or three hours. And try to avoid any social interaction. Trust me, this would spare any embarrassment.
I start with a homemade hair mask. I mix some coconut oil with aloe vera gel in a bowl that I apply with a flat foundation brush from the roots to the ends. Then I comb well and bring my hair into a bun. Here comes the glamorous part, I wrap my hair with aluminium or plastic foil. As your head creates a bit of heat, this will help the mask to penetrate your hair, as the heat will open the hair shaft.

I leave the mask do its job for about two hours.
It is really important to do your mark before your shampoo for three reasons:
If you apply your hair mask on wet hair, the water creates a barrier that would not allow the product to penetrate well
The longer you keep your mask, the more the benefits. So unless you are ready to stay under a running hot shower for that long…
The shampoo that follows would cleanse your hair properly without weighing it down
I have two hours to kill so I usually go about my business
  • Eating my breakfast – yes, I always wash my hair in the morning so they have plenty of time to air dry
  • Laundry
  • Dishwashing
  • Making the beds
  • Scrolling down my Facebook feed
  • Petting my cat
  • And eventually I prepare my apple cider vinegar cold water that I bring in the shower with me. I mix 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar – unpasteurized! with 1L of filtered cold water.
I wash my hair with my organic shampoo. If you don’t have an organic shampoo for any reason, I would recommend at least a sulphate free shampoo. Be careful to check the INCI ingredients first. Sulphate is a foaming agent that is very harsh to your skin and hair. Your hair will produce even more sebum to protect itself. And say hello to the vicious circle!
I always wash my hair twice. I use a bit of shampoo to first wash off the mask and then a second shampoo to gently but deeply wash my hair. With the mask, I don’t even need to use a conditioner; I can detangle (with a wide-tooth comb!) my hair without a problem.
Then I wash my body. Yes, yes.
And I thoroughly rinse the shampoo off, until I can hear my hair ‘screeching’ as I pass my hand on it.
And I finish off with my apple cider vinegar water. I lean forward, my head down and I slowly pour the water on my head. The apple cider vinegar will help to rebalance our scalp skin that will reduce sebum production. Don’t rinse it. The smell will evaporate as the hair dries, promise.
I wrap my hair so I can quick dry myself, apply my body lotion and skin care products. I take the towel off so I can let my hair air dry.
As a final touch, I mix a bit of aloe vera gel with a hair lotion in the palm of the hands and I apply it on my roots, on the lengths, on the ends, everywhere.

Et voila!
Oh and I always sleep with my hair braided or brought into a bun on the top of my head to avoid any frictions with my pillow and ‘excite’ the sebaceous glands.
It is a long routine but you don’t need to do the hair mask every time you need to wash your hair, every shampoo another is fine. I have to do it as long as we live in a country hostile to my hair.
And I see overall benefits
  1. to my wallet as I use less shampoo
  2. to the planet as I wash them less often: less water, more eco-friendly shampoo
  3. to my hair of course.
My routine suits my hair pretty well. So far, so good, I have no split ends.