Being a mother…

Back in 2010, I was very excited to have a better version of my husband and me. But I would never think that a tiny little human of barely three kilos could turn my world upside down. How such a small thing could take such a huge place in your life?!
Anything you would do required careful considerations and every so often tough negotiation like ‘Okay in order to keep your milk supply up, mummy needs to get some food. I promise the trip to the grocery store will be quick as long as don’t start crying your lungs out’
Your business partner is an outstanding negotiator and they don’t always play by the rules.
Have children they said …
I can’t deny the unconditional love you feel the instant you see this tiny Bean who took residence in your body. Isn’t it amazing how they grow up from the state of a little pea to an actual mini version of you?
But motherhood has disastrous consequences too. Remember the pregnancy brain also called momnesia? Well, a friend of mine told me once that everything will get back to normal when your child turns three. What ‘normal’ means is still a little unclear to me. Normal like what things usedto be?
Am I the only one who didn’t recover from momnesia? My second child is four and a half and I am still waiting to welcome my brain back. I even tried to appease it with a bottle of champagne. I took it out of the fridge because it was taking too much space. It will soon become vintage.
Anyway, I am not surprised my neurones didn’t return – yet (I still have hopes, that may explain why I didn’t drink that bottle up). Can you imagine what they could do in three years time?! Would you be able to find your way back to a place you left three years ago? Surely not! I can barely go anywhere without Waze.
The worst part of being a parent is that everything in your life turns around your children.
You plan your day according to THEIR schedule: lunchtime, naptime, bath time. And don’t you dare to run late. You better have food ready for when they are hungry because ten minutes behind schedule and they are not hungry anymore. Giulia Enders said that we ingest molecules just by breathing air. Looks like my children are perfect example of what she states in her book.
You stopped wearing heels because 1. You run faster with sneakers to run after them. 2. You cannot carry a child and walk pretending it doesn’t hurt
You replaced your makeup bag with a pack of wipes
You gave up eating junk because you have to set an example. Am I the only one who would lock herself in the pantry to snack on some potato chips?
Luckily, children are not resentful at all. You may be mad at them for accidentally throwing the entire couscous bag on the floor, you may even have yelled at them generating some tears. But by the end of the day, lying in bed ready for a good night sleep, they will always tell you how much they love you.

Have a nice day.